Earth Night 2012: Photos, Reflections Part I

It’s been becoming harder and harder for us to sit down and reflect on what’s been happening since everything started to mirror singularity, which is why its taken so long for any of us to write this post…To be living through these times is still often perceived as an astonishing fact, but to be in this embodiment and at the same time feel more connected and more centered than ever before in the root power of this magnificent electromagnetic field, we feel like the resonance we all have been cultivating is really starting to take hold; that it is starting to claim its role in the new paradigm – and that the changes we wish to see will continue to unfold at a faster and faster pace if we stay focused and on task.


The general consensus started to form that the divide between festival culture and the so-called default culture must find a way to be bridged whenever possible.  As a response, the idea came forth to throw a 2-day event in alignment with the end of the great cycle in the Mayan calendar as well as the winter solstice of 2012 – but rather than bring the city to the ancient grounds, in some way shape or another – we wanted bring the energy of the ancient grounds to the city.  The result was something we could never forget – and we want to take this moment to share some of our favorite moments and reflections from Earth Night 2012 and perhaps reignite conversation here in 2013 – or at least rekindle the flame.

Julie North was the first to speak out about her experience that weekend on her website  Amidst of windstorms, snow storms, and hundreds of travelers from across the region – Julie and a dedicated crew were on a mission to create a sacred space in downtown Columbus, Ohio that honored the many directions spiritual practices take, but in a way that could bring everyone back to one vast ocean of possibility.  Julie in partnership with Ehren and Renée Cruz of SolPurpose and SolAwakening crafted and curated a groundbreaking day of events at the Via Vecchia Winery which bridged a metaphysical/musical gap in both philosophical but practical ways.  Featuring a diverse selection of yogic practice, presentation, and discussion to sound healing workshops, metaphysical workshops, shamanic journeying and more.  With over 400 people in attendance, the ‘Winter Solstice Workshop Series’ lifted the tier and established a trifecta between music, art and spirit.


“To tell you that I am grateful seems such an under-whelming way to express the OVERWHELM that I felt at Earth Night this year. The feelings that I have about that particular day root down into my very core! I was so happy to see that SO MANY of you came out in the weather Friday to the workshops…not because I wanted them to be full…but because it was tangible evidence, HERE & NOW, that each of you were taking ACTION to achieve whatever it is that you’re each after…and THAT MATTERS. It matters a lot! I love the Presenters and love to see them supported, and I love YOU and wanted to see each of you supported..and to watch you all support yourselves and each other by truly being PRESENT in all ways….amazingly beautiful. Simply amazing. I left the workshops feeling as hopeful for our future as I THOUGHT I could possibly ever be….all because of you.” –

We asked Julie join us later that evening at the L.C. to lead a post EarthCry guided meditation with over 2,000 people in attendance.  As seasoned concert goers, this was something that was new to all of us but seemed appropriate to dial in the coordinates of the transformative energy that was circling around the globe that day, perhaps through electromagnetic alignment – but for sure through human effort and intention.

UNIFY from Unify Media on Vimeo.

This was exemplified by the project which formulated a substantial online thrust towards collectively acting on 12/21/12 either through meditation, ceremony, prayer, flash-mob, dance and more.

papadosio_earth_night_2012_13“A meditation is usually a QUIET thing…Ahhh, but we are NOT living with the rules of the past, are we?!? No no….we were wholly in the PRESENT MOMENT (one of the many things I love about you all)….and so we started in the heart and you screamed….and with each expansion of that heart of yours, you screamed some more….converting emotion and energy into sound, and those sounds back again into more energy and emotion…perfect symbiosis. When we got out to the entire Universe and we were directed to look at each other’s Divine Self…..I heard you screaming right from the core of your heart..and I opened my eyes to see a MASS of people hugging EVERYONE around them….everyone! THAT IS LOVE. THAT IS SHARING. THAT IS DIVINE! And THAT almost made my cry, right there on stage (and even now as I recall it).” –

Earth Night (12.21.2012)

To talk about the entirety of those 2 days in our lives in a blog post is a little bit silly (and frankly overwhelming)- so we’re gonna split this up revisit the various facets that made this event as special as it was.  For now, we hope you guys enjoyed Earth Night as much as we did and can see the beauty in creating “transformational” gatherings outside the festival grounds.

Earth Night began as a little idea in 2009 but this year proved it’s ability for true fruition.  Papadosio is incredibly grateful for the allies that have surfaced in recent years to help round out these experiences we hope to initiate.  Co-creating such a large event with some of the often most difficult, but critical principles in mind was a major step forward we think – and are looking forward to so many great gatherings to come.


Huge, huge thanks to Ehren and Renée Cruz of SolPurpose + SolAwakening, Julie North of JULIE NORTH! Rae Rae + Greg and the Kickin It Crew, Jeroch and Seth Osirian Flora Design, Chris Essey and Thinking Eye ProductionsLindsay Nova, Doug + Ilya, Dixon’s Violin, Clayton Gaar and Edwin Leskin and the whole Tribal Council, Brooke and Brian and all the AMPLIFY crew, DJ Weber, Lynnsey Stardust, MeghanTheKat, all our friends and family as well as our massive live art team that put on their own type of light show that evening.

So we promise to revisit this from time to time as we go and keep providing space to explore and engage. We also captured a ton of video that night and might need your help getting the editing process underway.  But  For now, just take a mOMent to yourself to pause and breathe in some of the magic from those couple days and nights.  We’ve still got a lot of ground to cover from the beautiful contributions of SolPurpose to Anthony’s mind/heart altering EarthCry and more and you’re probably wondering what’s happening in Rootwire-land – and we will have some updates for you soon.

Stay tuned…

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For more photos, check out these amazing albums by Brian Hockensmith and Preston Murray.

And if you haven’t yet checked out the work-in-progress petition to make 12/21 an internationally recognized celebration of our collective roots – check it out and sign it to stay updated on new Earth Night happenings…

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