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Release Date: October 23, 2009
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You are, the sum of your experiences up until this moment. Your art, your style, your opinions, are all contrived from what you have observed. With this knowledge realize, that no matter how insignificant you think your actions are, you are influencing everyone around you. Herein lies your power to change the world, because the world is always watching.
released 23 October 2009

Written and produced by Papadosio.

Mike Healy | Drums
Rob McConnell | Bass/Vocal
Anthony Thogmartin | Guitar/Vocal/Keys/Programming
Billy Brouse | Keys

Thanks go out to:
All of our family, friends, and fans, D and the Hiudts, Andrew Koontz, Bradley Keegan, EQ Smooth, Matt Healy, Camron Rademacher, Sam Brouse, Ben Fleicher, Morgan Gotfried, Adam Fox, Daniel Conway, the Werks, Copadelic, Skells, JGold. All of you who have fed us and put us up for the night and all the intense support you have given us thus far. All we know is Love.