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To End the Illusion of Separation (T.E.T.I.O.S.)

  • Release date: 2012-10-16
  • Label: Rootwire Records

This 20 song, double disc album is dedicated to the next horizon which is revealing itself little by little. What we can tell is that we are moving away from being caught in an illusion of separation, and toward something more unified. So in that spirit, we created this conceptual collaboration between us and a team of truly amazing friends whom we have had the of pleasure of meeting along the way. In an effort to catalyze the beautiful and peaceful world that we all know is possible, we give you this collection of art as a sign that we are all moving into that space slowly but surely.


released 16 October 2012
Thank You:
Our dear friends, lovers, and families, Mother Earth, Meghan Bender, Beau Williams, Daniel Hiudt, Andrew Koontz, Adam Clopton, John Nazarenko, Jason Takahashi, Chris Ergen, Paul Hamilton,
Jonathan Griffin, David Krantz, Bill Kaeppner, Dr. B, Evan Peters,
and all our beloved fans!Written and Recorded by Papadosio in their home studio

Mandolin support on ‘Cue’ by David Krantz (Futexture)

Mastered by Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta at The Lodge